Hello I'm homosexual and I have had a relationship with my partner for 1 year but just some days ago we started to have sex without condom and I want to know the kind of illnesses that could be transmitted by this kind of sexual act. I know about HIV, herpes virus, and other diseases caused by bacteria, but we'd had a monogamous relationship. I know that he had in the pass (5 years ago) hepatitis A so I'm not sure if or fluids are in touch I could contract it, or if the virus finally is eliminated from his organism or if it could be inactive but there is a way to past to other body as could be by semen???

The other thing that I want to ask is about what kind of infections or diseases can be carried by semen, virus, bacteria??? is there any research about that? I just ask because when we've had sex he came inside me, other thing in this case should I do and edema after sex???

Well it is nor easy to talk about it, the it is about sexuality and i really enjoy to have sex with him without condom but i want to protect my rectum from any possible thing that can affect it and as well I don't want that his pennis or his health be in a bad situation because or sexual practices.

An in case that I get an annal infection or really close to this part of my anatomy how can I notice and treat?

Thank you very much

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replied March 2nd, 2009
Hep A:
Adults who are otherwise healthy are no longer contagious 2 weeks after the illness begins.
You are vulnerable to all STD's just as you would be if you were having sex with a woman.
Although rare in men, yeast infections can be transmitted during anal sex.
If you hadn't already started having sex without protection I would recommend that you both get tested before taking this step. You are obviously worried about the repurcussions of your decision so you may want to rethink this.
Good luck and be safe.
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replied May 5th, 2013
hi iam abhijit i had homosex with friend since from last 1 year now means anal sex now i was infected with anal dieaseas i dont no wat is the dieases but iam agetting pain from anal and there is big burnt type thing in anal and it was coming and going some time i have take more cigerattes and eat chicken that anal dieases occurs and rest of these day i will be good and healthy please suggest me wat to do and pls give some medicines for that
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