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Anal Sex after Abortion

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Okay. Here we go. I found out I was pregnant on April 16th. I went to the clinic and had a medical abortion April 17th. After two weeks I found out that I didn''t pass everything. The embryo was gone, but I still had a lot of debris, so I had a D&C on May 1st. Today is now May 11th and I had anal sex with my boyfriend. He wore a condom, if that matters....

I was wondering, do I have anything to be worried about? I stopped bleeding about 3 days ago.

Will this start the bleeding back up? And am I risking infection? I''m pretty nervous about this, but I think I''ll be ok. I just would like some advice.

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First Helper RarGrrl

replied May 12th, 2010
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Just make sure NOTHING that touched your anus touches your vulva or vagina without being thoroughly washed. You do not want any germs/bacteria to go up your vagina and into your uterus which is still pretty sensitive.

If you had an orgasm and you normally get contractions in your uterus, it may start up bleeding again.
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replied January 9th, 2017
That answer was very helpful to me thank you. I've been looking everywhere online for some kind of information about this bc my bf and I can't have vaginal sex yet.
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