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Hello dear eHealth Forum,

Following a post one year ago, I was convinced that I should give my relationship with my HIV+ partner a second change. We have been living together happily over the last 1.5 year. Nevertheless, I have certain concerns about the anal mucus concentration of HIV. I am the active partner and he is the passive, practising safe sex all the times. I am worried though that mucus is concentrated on the condom and my penis, so I pay special attention while washing myself. However, there have been times that flowing water in the shower has touched the tip of my penis. Also, what are the risks of rimming a HIV+ partner?

Thank you so much for your response. You have been really helpful in the past.
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replied November 22nd, 2010
I haven't seen anything regarding to mucus spreading HIV. Although it is really likely for the internal wall of the anus to bleed during anal intercourse, thus the infect can happen. Again, condom is a good defense for HIV.

I am not sure if i am interpreting your second part correctly. I think water does not carry the virus, since they live in body fluids.

Sorry I can't help you further.
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replied July 25th, 2011
HIV is present in anal mucus
WRONG! HIV is present in anal mucus and evidence has indicated in high enough quantities to transmit HIV the paper by Zuckerman in 2004 entitled Higher concentration of HIV RNA in Rectal Mucosa Secretions than in Blood and Seminal Plasma, among Men Who Have Sex with Men,Independent of Antiretroviral Therapy
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