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Anal discharge , irratation and bleeding

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For about two months now I have had blood left on toilet paper after bowel movement. Reading up on Hemorrhoids, I don't have any problems making the movement. I also have red irritation around my anus which also looks like Hemorrhoids but was throws that one for a question is I have just started having a light brownish liquid discharge from my anus. I find myself very often having to clean up. I hate to make a wasted trip to the doctor but I have no clue what I'm facing. Any suggestions/help?
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replied September 29th, 2009
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Since it has been going on so long, you should see the doctor soon. It's probably just hemorrhoids, but the doctor can give you medication to clear them up that you can't get over-the-counter. I know it's embarrassing, but they are very common. The doctor will also want you to take measures to prevent them in the future, such as drinking more water, eating a high-fiber diet, and not straining when you "go."
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