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Anabolic steroids and HIV infection

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I have spent the past hour or so reading some of the old posts on this forum. I'm obviously here because i am showing some common symptoms of a HIV infection. I'm paranoid because of a risky sexual encounter 2 years ago with a girl known to be fairly promiscuous.

I know my immune system is in really bad shape right now. Is it from HIV? I don't know. I'm 28 years old and ever since I was 21 I've been abusing anabolic steroids. And when I say abuse, I don't mean massive dosages, but rather prolonged usage. I never knew it would weaken my immune system or cause heart problems. Could my weakend state be due to steroids? Maybe.

In any event, I just wanted to take this opportunity to commend everyone on this board who takes time to post words of encouragement to those who are scared and to those who have unanswered questions. Thank you.

And for those who join this forum because you think you are infected, don't leave and never come back the second you find out you are HIV-negative. Try to learn more about the illness to answer questions others may have. Help with words of comfort and encouragment.


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replied April 14th, 2008
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Hi Reform
It is good to hear from you. Stay in tune with your body and do as Mson suggested. Get tested.

I have never quite been able to figure out why I came down with HPV and my former BF didn't. He denied he ever had it, his former wife didn't have it and his GF doesn't have it. Said it had to just be me. My problem. I never had it before him but now I will forever.

I have lived in the country almost all my life, work hard, have a healthy lifestyle.

The one thing that has bothered me is 15 years ago, I was exposed to mold in my new Japanese car's air conditioning system. I started getting really sick, weak, lost 45 pounds. The specialist did breathing tests and said that I was asthmatic. Never was a day in my life before. They put me on steroids for a year.

Then, as I was almost dying, an allergist sent my blood work back to Cincinnati, Ohio. It was exposure to mold/bird allergins. He saved my life. Put me on prednisone and told me it was my last chance but it was really hard on the body, that it does terrible things to you but I didn't have any choice. I told him," Please do what you can. My husband loves me."

Now, I have been told that my immune system was unable to fend off the HPV and that the others were able to battle it. So, you have to wonder about the steroids the doctors gave me to be able to breathe.

I am glad you came onto this forum. It starts to make me believe that is maybe where my immune system was compromised.

Thanks Reform.

Chin up, Head Held High. Feel the Wind At Your Back, The Sun on your Face.

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