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an open sore on her mouth...HIV/herpes

I kissed a girl with herpes who had a mostly healed and mild sore on her mouth. We only kissed on lips. We had french kissed in the past, but this time no sores were visible at all. What are the chances that I contracted the virus?
Also, she is worried that she has HIV due to a rash on her stomach. Could I contract the virus if I licked an open sore on her mouth?
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replied December 16th, 2012
Especially eHealthy

While it is possible to contract herpes simplex type I from kissing someone with an active cold sore, it does not happen every time. There are many married couples, where one spouse has cold sores, but the other spouse never develops them.

Why does your girlfriend think that she has HIV. Has she had unprotected sex with someone who is HIV positive? There are many, many causes are red rashes, other than HIV. But, if she has had unprotected intercourse with HIV infected partners, especially if it was anal sex, then she should be tested. And, if there is a high likelihood that she is positive, you should not have intercourse with her (without using a condom) until the test results come back.

Good luck.
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