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ambien ( how long does it stay in your system?)

I took 2 10 mg ambiens at 11pm that are not prescribed to me will they show up in my ua tomorrow at 315pm?
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replied August 14th, 2011
Especially eHealthy

It depends upon what type of drug test is done. Often tests that are done in the physician's office do not even look for Ambien or Lunesta. Urine drug
screens generally test for the following drugs of abuse: barbiturates,
benzodiazepines, cocaine metabolite, cannabinoids, opiates and
amphetamines. Ambien would be a special request test.

Office tests are also not very sensitive, and can show false results quite often.

If the sample is sent off for a GC/MS test, then even tiny amounts of a substance (or its metabolites) can be detected. But, the physician has to ask for specific substances to be tested for.

Ambien's effects have a half life of about 2-3 hours. But, it will take a few days for it to completely clear the system.

Hope that helps. Good luck.
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replied October 1st, 2011
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When I was in the ER for a status seizure they had to run a tox screen and ambien did show in the test but I have a script for them. It is classified as a drug of abuse as it is in the same schedule as any benzodiazepine. I also know of some people that worked for the same company as me that failed a test due to an ambien.
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