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Amazing you have to try, called zeolite

I have never believed in stories about natural minerals and so on...Have you heard something about Zeolite? Apparently, that mineral was used in the past to clean the water and is still used nowadays in all the industrial areas for cleaning pollution and chemicals before they hit the environment. I was looking for something that can help with cancer prevention and I found Zeolite by Mineral-Medix...I was really suspicious about it, but after I order a pack from their online store. Basically their whole supplement line is based off zeolite. The beaty about their zeolite is that its activated and almost dont cause any side affects. So zeolite is like a sponge, it has micro holes 0.3-.06 nanometres, which is small enough to take small harmfull molecules that can still connect in your body, but small enough not to take the good staff from your body.(so you can take if for months no problem:)) Taking that supplement is gonna give you time off for your body to get it's anti cancer protection back! as you know all of us have already cancer cells in our body and our bodies always battle those cells! So giving time off for your body really does the trick! Thank god fo my research lol nurse Anyways guys, just google mineral-medix, it got approved by health Canada, so u know its good and u can trust it! they also have water purification filter that is hand size! luvcomp
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