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am i the possible father from the info i touched on below ?

I had protected sex with a female march 24th and April 1st 2012
May 18th the female sonagram says she is six weeks and one day ...sunday she will be 8 weeks
Her due date is Jan 13th
Now I don't know her last cycle because she won't talk to me
I went online and did the due date search conceived ..and conception date and it doesn't add up but I really don't understand.
she is blaming this child on me i think because she knows i have a girl friend... i talk to someone else on line but i really need a second opinion
they were saying this female got pregnant somewhere in the middle of april and she had to been messing with another guy
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replied June 1st, 2012
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You are correct, the dates do not add up. To have a due date of January 13 she would have had a period around April 8, give or take a few days. She most likely conceived April 18 - April 26.
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