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Am I the only one who had few problems Post Surgery?

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I did have the Laparoscopic Gall Bladder Surgery despite My 11/25/11 Post '50 Years to Diagnose Gall Stones.' Also had ERCP preformed prior to the GBSurgery. Problems were only Ultra Severe Pain in Recovery Room due to Pancreatitis; and 2 days on liquids because of the Pancreas Inflammation. I believe a total of only 1 or 2 weeks of Surgery Pain? One or two days of severe Bloating. And the Incision Site still feels like a bruise for a couple of hours after getting up. But none of the horror stories that some people have experienced. It's been 6-1/2 weeks now and eating is pretty much the same prior to surgery: My body simply doesn't like most foods; Always been that way. My digestive system still can not tolorate Fiber at all, and fat is still a minor issue and pretty much all foods (as before) simply cause discomfort or the moderate pain that I've had for several years now after eating. But so far, I haven't gotten the Horrific Pain Episodes, which is why I agreed to the surgery. Blood work done on Liver/Pancreas enzymes are ok. So, I guess it simply doesn't get any better than this. That's ok with Me as I'm used to this. As long as I never get a Horrific Pain Episode, I'll live. I had a strong feeling prior to surgery that the only relief I would get were those terrible pain attacks and I was right. (p.s.) Nobody really knows Your body like You!
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replied February 20th, 2012
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Sounds like you actually had (and have) it worse than most people, but then it sounds like you had complications anyway. The majority of people report a big fat zero problems beyond a week or two of recovery. If you press them on it, up to nearly half of people will report something not quite perfect with their digestion, with perhaps 1 in 20 having significant problems requiring longterm treatment or management. I'll sit in the "mostly OK, but not quite perfect" camp but then it hasn't been a year yet.
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