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hi. I am 18 years old and have been struggling with a hormone imbalance for 5 years. I can not take birth control pills because they stimulate intense mental reactions.

I have a steady boyfriend and we are both in college. we had sex a few times without using a condom and he always pulled out before coming.

I started spotting and just had my period about two weeks ago. the spotting lasted about three days but i am concerned since it is so near to the last time i had my period.

today the spotting stopped but i feel very weak and dizzy.

are these signs of pregnancy?
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replied April 6th, 2009
If you spotted shortly after your last AF it's possible (although not for sure) it was implantation bleeding. No way to know for sure unless you confirm with a HPT. By what you said you could test now since it's been 2 weeks since the spotting. Be sure to eat right and drink plenty of fluids in case your dizziness is from something else (dehydration & bad eating is a common cause). You can also make an appt for a blood preg test and tell the doc what's going on with you.
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