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Am I pregnant? So many symptoms and my period is five days late

Well first of all i\'d like to start off by saying that my husband and i have been trying to conceive for about a year &i think we've struck gold this time! I haven't taken an hpt yet, but...... My period is five days late, I'm having severe back pains, neck pains, elbow &wrist pains. I haven't had any change to my breasts ...... But I think that's a little odd , I normally have severe sore breast at least a week before I come on my cycle. &i haven't had any cramping. I'm hungry all of the time and I feel sick to my stomach and have no vomiting. I'm also tired all of the time and very irritable! No mood swings just aggravated a lot &i also experience lots of gas both burps and "farts." &indegestion although I have acid reflux it normally never bothers me unless I eat before I lay down. Now I may not have eaten anything and I feel like something's trying to come up through my throat... &I've also had cold-like symptoms for about two weeks , my nose is stopped up but im not able to blow anything out ! and my feet hurt a lot . Any help you guys . Please let me know what you think ! Immediately I'm desperate for information!
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replied September 10th, 2013
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sometimes when you want to be preggo your body and mind will tell you that you are pregnant when you aren't. but since you're already late just take a test and get it overwith. if it's negative then you're not preggo. stop stressing and hopefully next month is your time.
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