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Am I pregnant ? Postive clearblue test and negative pink test

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Hello and thank you for taking the time to read this .

I have all the signs of pregnancy , I have huge boobs , swollen belly , the line that goes up the belly , a dark line above my lip , thick hair and everything else that is supposed to be the norm in pregnancy .

However I went to the gyne and she told me I had two cyst and she did a pink line test and it was negative , though three days before I had done x 2 clearblue test and they were very positive .

This is really driving me crazy , could it be that I am just having a phantom pregnancy or is it the cyst ? Why am I getting positive with clearblue and negative with other test ?

I feel pregnant and I just don't know how to find out because I am sure my Dr thinks I am crazy Shocked

please can someone tell me if they have any similar experience and have been pregnant or not .

Thank you very much .

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replied February 8th, 2012
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I can't say that I have been through this, but if it were me I would call and ask for a blood test. You have way too many symptoms for them to not, at the very least, give you an explanation. I didn't think that cyst could cause a false positive test?
Could it be ectopic?
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