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Hi my name is titianna and I am I bit confused. OK so first of all I was on the deposit shot and me and my hubby decided to get off of it so my last shot was in August of 2016 .we been trying to get pregnant for the longest with no periods. Then came January I started having them still no luck pregnancy test after pregnancy test negative. Then last month ( march I had 2 periods) one on the 1st and one on the 19 they both lasted 4 days. Then this month (April) no period so April 15 I decided to take a test and its positive could it be false or am I really pregnant????
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replied April 17th, 2017
Yes, you are pregnant and for your confirmation, you can also do the following test.
1. Urine test
2. Blood test
3. Ultrasonography

Above are the other pregnancy test and you can easily get confirm whether you are pregnant or not.

Also, these are the Symptoms of a pregnancy test.

1.Breast tenderness
2.Frequent urination
3.Difficulties sleeping

If you are suffering from any above symptoms then, it means you are pregnant.
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