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Am I pregnant? Or just overreacting?

Okay, so my boyfriend was dry humping me and he came, but he came right after he pulled away from me. He was also wearing his pants and so was I. He said that he pulled away from me right before he came, too. Right after this happened I went to the bathroom and wiped myself just to be sure. But I am fairly positive nothing got out of his pants. Then a week later him and I were dry humping, I was only wearing leggings and he was in his underwear. He precame a lot but never came at all. I had my period last month around the 15th, is is the 8th of this month. I just started thinking and worrying about this yesterday and now I feel like I have lower back pains and I've been having a very slight menstrual cramp all day. I researched this and many women were saying they felt this three weeks after they became pregnant. So now I am really getting worried. And I mean really worried. Am I just overreacting?
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replied January 9th, 2013
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Unless he ejaculated inside you, you should be safe. At least one of you shoul keep your underwear on, preferably both of you.

Please be careful!
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replied January 22nd, 2013
UMMMM lol. I know this is a serious concern for you but I'm cracking up over here. You should be safe. Those are normal PMS issues that you probably just never paid attention to before.
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