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am i pregnant? im still a virgin, but

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hi im still a virgin, but i have been rubbed and rubbed myself before. ive never had anything go into my vagina hole before though. uhm im worried bc ever since i rubbed myself one night right after i rubbed my bf, ive had pregnancy symptoms such as abdominal pain, bloating, low fever, headaches, dizziness, cloudy pee, gas, feeling like i have to pee and poop all the time and being tired. but the symptoms only occur when i think about it. i always end up stress about everything. so i was wondering if my symptoms are just coming from me thinking about it too much, or if i could actually be pregnant. i should be getting my period next week. and i also live in a really hot area, and i never drink alot of water. also i dont sleep alot. my bf made me stop rubbing him before he could cum. he did have lubricant liquids comeout, but i sanitized my hands after that. also he said he peeed alot throught the day, and he hadnt cummed since the day before. also this all happend like 3 weeks ago.
ohh and he also said i wasnt that wet that night...and i just got off my period like the day before that and my periods are like a week long and come about every 30 days. i really hope im nt pregnant :///
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replied July 9th, 2011
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if what u said is accurate then u r not pregnant and perhaps before u just can't stand it and have sex anyway u should get some birth control because if u find this to be stressful, then getting pregnant will be a disaster.
good luck
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