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Am i pregnant ? if not what else is this ?

Hello, Im 15 years old and i lost my virginity June 29, A week or so later i started spotting and cramping, which lead to nausea, Ive not thrown up yet but came close to it.
ive had:, increased sleep, hunger and tiredness, nausea, headaches, back pain, lower abdominal cramps, increased frequency of urination, breast soreness, nipple sensitivity, blue veins on breasts, pelvic discomfort and heaviness, food cravings, dizziness

and from all this, youd say your why are you asking you know your pregnant, Well, i was bleeding, it lasted three days but i dont think it was my period it wasnt normal, it didnt hurt and i didnt feel really bad like i usually do, i did have cramping but it felt like before i started bleeding, it lasted three days.
i also took an HPT and it said negative ?
I dunno what to doo, what else could cause all that if im not pregnant ?
or why would there not be enough HCG levels at ten weeks to pull a positive result?
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replied September 11th, 2011
i think u should get it checked for the doctor...its other things that causes these symptoms.. your should defiantly get it checked to make sure is nothing serious..
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