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Am I pregnant? I am freaking myself out...

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So, I have been on the birth control pill for almost two months now... I have never had any problems... i.e I have never skipped a pill or anything. I had sex mid way through my second pack. My boyfriend used a condom and it DID NOT break or tear. He also did not ejaculate inside of me. And like I said, I'm on the pill... it has been 4 days since it happened and I am due for my period in about 7 days. Please help me...Give me advice if you think I may be pregnant!!! Thank you sooo soso much
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replied June 13th, 2011
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If he didn't ejaculate inside of you and there was no problems with the condom, then you are not going to be or get pregnant.

If the pill is taken correctly (same time every day no missed pills) then it is 99% effective against pregancy and a condom is 98% effective if used correctly.

Stop worrying about being pregnant the chances are vertually impossible.
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