Hi guys, I'm 17 but I'm getting anxiety over the thought that I could be pregnant-
I'm not sure if I'm pregnant, I have a lot of signs telling me I'm not, e.g regular periods since I started when I was 13 up until now where I'm currently in the middle of a cycle. I have no other pregnancy symptoms apart from nausea but I haven't actually been sick so I guessed it was PMS/I've had stomach cramps and butterfly feelings but again put it down to PMS and this new anxiety.
I've had back pain- but I've had a bad back for a couple of years from the sport I do. And back pain is both in upper and lower back.
Me and my boyfriend use a condom every time but that's the only method of birth-control, as far as I know the condom has never split- but I know there is always a chance it failed. I am now on the implant, but I realise I could've got pregnant before as I only got it a few weeks ago- I'm not sure if some of my symptoms were worsened by this.
I have however had unusual bloating for a couple of months when I first got it I put it down to PMS, but its continued for a while this is the main reason I think I'm pregnant sometimes I guess it looks a bit like a baby bump, but I cant work out if that's all in my head. Being very sporty I always had a flat stomach but now I don't, although tbh I don't even know if it is bloating as I've heard bloating is hard, but when you push my abdomen its soft and squishy-Is this what a pregnancy bump is like? Also I've read you can feel the top of the uterus above the pubic bone- do you know how many weeks you start to feel this from as I have no clue how far along I am because of the regular bleeding.

I know I have had monthly bleeding, but I've read that you can bleed monthly and still be pregnant- how common is this- is it anything like a period, e.g does pregnancy bleeding just come at anytime, rather than on a cycle like a period does?? Is there any physical difference in the way the blood looks colour/consistency?? How’s long does pregnancy bleeding last e.g 5-7 days like a period or does it vary??
Or are thy just exactly the same?
(I don’t mean spotting I mean physical bleeding during pregnancy- as I know some women have been pregnant and mistaken it for a period ??)
I hope they are my periods as they don't seem different to usual and they come regularly. It doesn't help my anxiety that I've heard of women having Phantom pregnancies when they bleed every month and then suddenly go into labour. What are the chances that bleeding every month while you are pregnant come at exactly the right time (according to my period predicter app) and they are the same length as a normal period.

The issue with me is, I'm not afraid or scared to be pregnant, as I know how I would get a termination. What I am scared of is not knowing I'm pregnant, then being to far along to have a termination.

Would you get to 24 weeks and not know you're pregnant, is this common?

From the days I've has intercourse I could be 27 wks, 23 wks (but I would've thought its likely that I would know at this time?), 12 wks, 2 wks or 1 week. I realise if its the last two I will have to wait to test.

As I was worried about all my symptoms I went to the GP, she took a urine test and has ruled out pregnancy, I have taken 6 at home pregnancy tests and all have come back negative. But again I worry as there have been women that just have naturally low levels of hcg and so no one has realised they're pregnant.

How common is it that I would have regular period bleeding 7 negative pregnancy tests and still be pregnant.
I'm so filled with anxiety, I'm so sorry this post is long and has so many questions but id be grateful for any reassurance and advice as I really don't know what to do.
Thanks so much
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replied August 16th, 2018
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Hi there, chept. It's at 12 weeks you can feel the uterus above the pubic bone. At 18 to 20 weeks it is up to the belly button. Between the negative tests, normal periods, condom use and relatively few early signs the chance of pregnancy is negligible. The signs can be attributed to other factors, including overthinking the situation. The implant will keep you safe going forward. You can run another test or two if it helps ease your mind.
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