Ok heres the thing,my hubby and I had sex and he came inside me but he was using a condom,later the same month he had sex again without using a condom and he use the withdrawl method.so since then i've been having preggo sympts. dizziness,tiredness,nausea,the veins on my breast are more noticeable,headaches,more sensitve to smells also i had my periods (2 for the past 2 mths)but they been kind of weird the first time in the 1rst day of my period it was kind of heavy but the next 2-3 days it was super light just some brownish spotting the next period it was light since the beginning didnt even need a tampon and for the next 2-3 days it was only some brownish spotting.Could i be preggo. or what could be wrong with me? i took 2 HPT but they came negative,i took the first HPT a week after i had sex the llast time and the second HPT i took it last week.Pls sum help? glance
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replied December 18th, 2009
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First off, pregnancy sounds unlikely. However, I will tell you so you'll know for next time, pregnancy symptoms do not start immediately. It takes your body 10-14 days to create enough hormones to stop your period.

Lets talk about how a woman's cycle works. The first day of your period is the first day of your cycle. The first day of your next period is how you tell how long your cycle is. A lot of women have a 'classic' 28 day - or every 4 week - cycle and that is what most people base things on.

Women ovulate (as standard operating procedure) 14 days PRIOR to their next period. In a classic 28 day cycle, that happens to come around day 14 of the cycle. However, that can be + or - a day or so. If a pregnancy occurs, it can take up to 5 days for a zygote to implant on the uterine wall. Which means your body would have no way to know a conception had occurred.

Most women's first pregnancy symptom is a missed period.

Pregnancy tests are not effective until your body produces enough hormone to be picked up by them. There are a few pregnancy tests that claim they *can* be correct *up to* 5 days before your missed period. These claims are not very accurate and very few women can test positive for pregnancy that soon.

Always take pregnancy tests in the morning the first time you urinate. This has a higher chance of being accurate (especially in early tests!) because there will be a concentration of HCG (pregnancy hormone).

Good luck!
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