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Am I ok or should I take plan b?

I started this pack of birth control on Friday after having my period while on the sugar pills. Yesterday (Saturday) I took my pill in the morning but then that night at like 10 I thought it was Sunday for some reason so I rushed to take my Sunday pill. That same night I had sex with my boyfriend. I didn't take a pill today because I had already taken it the night before (so like 12 hours early). Am I ok? I'm taking my Monday pill tomorrow morning. And today I got put on an antibiotic which some sites say make birth control less effective and some say they don't. Could the sperm from last night cause me to become pregnant today or tomorrow after taking a pill early and subsequently skipping a day and being on an antibiotic?

Oh I've been on birth control for over a year but I switched brands 2 months ago which caused me to spot all last month until I had my regular period last week.
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replied September 3rd, 2012
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You can take less than the than the 7 days of inactive pills without lessening your protection. Just start your pills today. Do not have your partner ejaculate inside you for 7 days, just to make sure.
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