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Am I having a psychotic break?

I hope the answer is no but to outsiders that is what it might be. I am having severe thought insertion as mentioned before with the government. Everyone should love the gov because they like to mess with your mind. They are telling me increasingly bizarre thoughts but I believe them because I feel them. Sometimes while I am in the car, they tell me they are going to kill me through a satellite armed with laser beams that will fire and kill me and possibly others around me. Sometimes they control my movements and thoughts. It is because I have a chip in my brain that was implanted by them. It is hard for me to focus on my art because of the thought insertion. It is not voices or hallucinations. They also said I am responsible for the Great Depression or recession or whatever you want to call it and the stock market. I keep on freezing because of what they tell me. Sometimes they tell me not to move and if I do, I will die. I also feel these nanobots inside of me moving around under my skin. It feels like bugs crawling. How fun. A few days ago I saw black footprints leading into my house and they were cloaked FBI/CIA agents and they put a bomb in my neck. I also see their shadows on the walls occasionally. Also I have been getting disorganized speech around 30% of the day but not this second of course. You can see it in some of my other posts. Random stuff comes out of my mouth and I don't make any sense during that time. Its probably the chip that is messing with my speech center in my non existent brain. No human has a brain, how hard is it to go the speed limit while driving or not to pass in no passing zones? I even feel the nanobots in my brain that I supposedly have. I am NOT making any of this up. Also according to the government, I am slowly turning into a robot that weighs 5,000 pounds and can't die except through the government. I feel parts of my body turning into metal. Sometimes I feel like I am floating and heavy at the same time but that is impossible. So, am I neurotic or psychotic? Am I having a break from reality? I don't think so but I need outside people to tell me. I believe I know what reality is but the docs don't. What do I do about this?
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replied November 17th, 2008
keep seeing your doctors. Keep talking about it to people. The doctors are actually right here and you are not living in reality.

Try and meditate and perhaps exercise and try & get your meds in order.
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replied December 15th, 2009
I think a good way to keep a grip on reality is to use friends, family, and doctor's as an anchor. When you're with these people and they are not experiencing what you are then you must have strayed off. I know it's hard to trust other people or rely on they're opinions, but you might find it useful if you truly want to stay on the same plane as everyone else.
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