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Am I going to lose the sensation of the heat and stimulation

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I am 47. Fibroid tumors, excessive bleeding, and excruciating pain. One female doctor says that the orgasms women have come from the clitoris. Really?? I am sensually sexual and I know that their is a G spot inside our vagina. I have different kinds of multiple orgasms and am not willing to lose that since I am losing my uterus, that's enough. What about my cervix? Is it part of my orgasms? I know when my husband stimulates my nipples my uterus and vaginal walls are going crazy and throbbing!!!! Now.. Am I going to lose the sensation of the heat and stimulation? What am I going to lose? What kind of hysterectomy should I do to keep me and my husband satisfied?
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replied May 23rd, 2012
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Hi Lavh and welcome to ehealth: I had a full Hysterectomy at 47...They took everything out...I never looked back...Sexually I am equal to any woman that walks the planet...Maybe better....

Oh, and may I add that your mind (brain) is your major sex organ....The others follow its command...Take care...

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