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Am i going crazy I'm hearing voices in my head.

Recently drama between me and this one girl officially end after 3 years .Shes graduated and going to college. I can honestly say it was a misunderstanding and a cleared it up but thats not where my problem comes from. Me liking her has made my life crazy. I moved to this very small town 5 yrs ago and now everyone knows me. Her family learned what i look like after i added her on facebook and they started watching me at the place i go tutoring at. This started around december. When i go to school my classmates constantly talk about me in a bad way. They talk about me liking her and they make fun of my gynecomastia(I got my man boobs removed 2 months ago) I get called the preety boy with boobs . Everywear i go in this town i get taunted and made fun off. Even when i leave and go to the city i often run into her family as its very huge and large .I know i was not being paranoid because they would point at me and say my name which is not common at all. I was always a loner but lately i hate going outside as i'm afraid i'll run into somebody. Since february i've been crying but differently then i ever have before. At first i would pout out in tears but the last 2 months my eyes have been red and itchy and occasionly water when i hear someone talk about it. I get headaches and look at her facebook page daily on my phone. I've began to hear voices in my head of me being taunted when no ones around and when i enter a large crowded area the voices get louder . I hear things like why does he look like he's crying, where his boobs go, and chuckles. Am i going crazy should i go to a doctor. I know my parents know about it but they think i'll be over it in time. But i can't get over it when i have constant reminders off it. Its been a couple weeks since she graduated and i'm still at home and i cant get my eyes back to normal even when i feel good .
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replied June 20th, 2012
you need to block her on facebook to help avoid the temptation of looking at it because its not healthy for you or her. as far as the teasing it will lessen with time. You should talk with a councellor just to have someone to talk to. it sounds like you are going through a tough time.
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