Hello Im a mom living in Portugal, and Im unemployed, dew to my economic situation Ive entered in a deprest state. Lately I only go outside to take my daughter to school and go buy bread in the morning and when I really have too, other than that I prefer to stay indoors, this obviously is leading a new problem, I come from a long line of Big women, now I feel like Im getting bigger, which also is one of the reasons why a dont want to go out side, My husband worries, hes always wanting to take me out, to the park or to a shopping centre, sometimes I go, but not for long, because my feet start to swell up.

I dont have any freinds so mostly Im alone while my daughters at school and my husband at work.

I find that if I was to find job now no one would hire me because of the fact that Im....Big

My self asteam is so low. What can I do? Please help.
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replied June 20th, 2012
Hello zenando. I dont reallyknow how to help, but i also have the same problem, i am 30 years old and this past year my life changed. I have always enjoyed spending time with family and traveling, but now if i leave home i get a very dizzy feeling and feel as life is fake. It is hurting my relationship as i should be doing alot at my age, but i feel better at home. I have found a website online that has a bunch of games that relaxes me and helps me alot. It helps me cause i get to talk with different people. You should try this, its not a cure but it helps me. if you need anyone to talk with im me
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