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am i depressed? whats wrong with me?

Im a 21 yr old student and at the moment i feel so unhappy, sad and unsatisfied. I feel like im never happy with what i have or what i had. my life feels like its full of regrets and mistakes i cant undo. i have some close friends who i dont really see a lot of and a boyfriend who im currently having a few problems with. Ive been in similar situations before with relationship/ friendship problems but this time it feels so different. For the past 6 months ive been constantly crying, feeling crap about my life, i can be extremely moody at times- sometimes i just feel so dissatisfied and angry with myself i feel like pinching the anger out of me or throwing or breaking something really hard. When i go out and distract myself with life im fine but once im alone or at home i start feeling so sad, empty and unsatisfied again. i feel like im going crazy sometimes when im stuck at home for long periods of time. i just feel so hopeless, scared and alone.
what should i do? will this pass or should i do something about it?
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replied May 17th, 2011
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it may pass in time but i sugest you see your dr as where the syimptoms have lassed so long it may help to have some tratment to help shift it. as you are studing you could see the counclers at the collage you are at, as this can be very helpfull.

you may find that exersise and heaty eating can help, food like eggs and bananas can realy help with your mood.
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