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am i depressed?

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i''m a 15 year old girl, and for some reason alot of people think i''m depressed. its just people from my school that like barely know me. i go to a coed catholic school which i hate. i don''t really try to look good in school i wear a little makeup and throw my hair in a bun. i''m usually tired so i guess it makes me looked sad. i dont really talk to like everyone considering i have 600 kids in my grade. i only talk to the people i''m friends with and i try to mind my own business. when i''m out of school i''m alot more outgoing i party almost every weekend. sometimes i feel upset when i don''t have great plans for the weekend because i always want to meet new people that don''t go to my school. i''d also like to mention that my parents got divorced when i was 7, and my sister and i were forced to go on visits with my abusive father until a few years ago, when he and my sister got into a huge fight. my sister has had depression ever since then. so do i have depression, do i have a reason to be depressed, should i get help? i dont know what to do.
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replied April 17th, 2010
No, some depression can occur for no reason at all, just because of the way our brain works sometimes. The fact that you want to meet people and like to party is a good sign and defiantly doesn't support depression. Though, you have mentioned you are often tired and get upset, perhaps these could be the cause of another illness, mental or physical. i suggest you go to a doctor, or maybe even talk to your sister? and maybe try to see her psychiatrist/ counsellor.
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