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Am i depressed?

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I'm 16 years old and feel as i have been depressed for nearly year. I feel really down all the time,and it feels like i have no energy to put on a front of being happy. I have low self esteem and low self confidence. I'm very irritable for no reason whatsoever and push people closest from me away. I don't like myself at all, I just think I'm pathetic .. It kind of feels like im disconnected from myself, seeing stuff from another pair of eyes. My emotions are completely numb, it's like i can't feel anything and i know it sounds strange but i have no thoughts at all .. I'm kind of hesitant about going to my doctors as i don't know if i am depressed or if it's just me, and i don't want my parents knowing as i don't feel like they would be supportive. If any of you, could help in the slightest it would be a big help Smile
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replied September 6th, 2009
it sounds like you are depressed with the negative thoughts and no emotions.
usually teens are hit with this horrible disease depression. i've battled this monster for 1/2 my life.
you should talk to your doctor and tell them how you feel, and how long you've been feeling this way.
why would you hide the fact that your depressed? it would be nice to know that they would be more understanding to you, your parents was teenagers i m sure they went through the same thing.
are you able to talk to a school counselor also?
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