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Am I depressed? Bipolar? What!?


My name is Chris. I'm 24 years old and an undergrad going to a community college. My girlfriend and I broke up after a rocky two-year relationship. Prior to this was a 5-year relationship with another ex. Now, I am single and lonely. It is extremely different from any form of depression I assumed I had in the past.

I barely eat, don't sleep, continuously cry, my grades are being affected. I have no motivation. Don't talk to people much unless I have to. I am trying desperately to keep it together with school. I keep having these pseudo panic attacks where I have to pause. I get into these deep thoughts of doom and sadness. I'm growing way too tired for this.

My college doesn't have any programs or support for mental health concerning students. They send you to a third-party where you have to pay out of pocket. I am broke. What is up with me? I just want to function. The few friends I have I don't want to go to. They are a bad crowd, drugs etc.

Any advice?

- Chris
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First Helper ephemerallife

replied October 20th, 2010
I think you should do what your body, mind, and heart is telling you to do. Once you do that your problem will be over. Remember listen to yourself, go somewhere peaceful and find yourself. Give your love to those who deserve it, put aside your "problems" and in time everything will kick in. Also you only live once so don't let anything take your peace. You are free, free to decide how to feel, live, and so on...
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