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Am I anorexic??

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I'm a teenager, 98 pounds and I'm 4'11. Ive been going through alot and sometimes I use food to get through it. Like by starving myself. It makes me feel like I'm in control of something. And also I come from a big family and i feel like that if i get really skinny and faint and get taken to the hospital i'll get a lot of attention. I'll starve myself for a few days then ill just get so hungry ill eat tons of food then ill feel really guitly so i'll run 5 miles then i wont eat for a few days. This keeps going on and on! Idk what to do. Am i anorexic?
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replied January 18th, 2011
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Hi soccergirl88...No, I don't think you are Anorexia yet, but you could be...You are fooling around with something that you shouldn't be...You are not only looking for attention, but playing with a damaging habit that can affect your health...Why not stay on an even keel....Eat normally and make yourself comfortable in your family....Get a hobby...I don't care if it is reading or collecting something...But, take your mind off of yourself...Honey, be happy....These are great years you are in....Take care...

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