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Am I anorexic? Do I need treatment?

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Pardon my ignorance...

I'm seventeen years old. I weigh about 87 pounds, and I haven't had my period in three months. At my lowest weight (one months ago), I was 85 pounds; I got scared and started eating more, so now I'm around 87, but I'm afraid to weigh myself again.

I've been counting calories like a madwoman. A "diet plan" I started myself on was intended so I gain weight in a healthy way - I try to hit 1700 calories every day. However, I usually go below... I run track and am one of the best runners on my team.

Tonight, for some reason, I ate nearly a thousand calories over what I normally eat, and I felt terrible. I feel horrible and like I look terribly bloated.

I'm a "pescatarian," or a vegetarian who eats fish. On that note, my diet is roughly 25% protein and 60% carbs, with the remainder healthy fats from nuts because I'm afraid of getting sick. I've set out a meal plan for tomorrow which is nearly 50% protein, because I'm afraid of fats.

I feel like food has become an unhealthy obsession for me. I've had nightmares where I eat cookies or when people force-feed me foods I really don't want to eat. On that note, I feel guilty eating a muffin.

All I know is this isn't healthy, but I hate the feeling of going over 1700 calories. Do I honestly need professional help? I will be more than happy to sort this out myself, but any advice is helpful. I'm not sure if I can trust myself to help, anyway.

Edit: Oh, I'm 5'3", so that may provide a better idea of my height/weight ratio. My BMI is 15.4.
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First Helper GirlOnFire

replied March 9th, 2012
Well, in my opinion, I'd say yes you should seek out some help. What concerns me the most, is the fear of certain foods. If you're dreaming about it, it's definitely on your mind. When I struggled with anorexia, I went to ridiculous lengths to get rid of fat in my food. I was obsessed. If I were you, I'd first talk to someone who supports you and wants the best for you--like a parent or sibling and go from there. Also, I lost my period for multiple months. It's scary, but it's not healthy for you to continue living this way. You deserve better for yourself. Starving yourself will not help you reach your goals, athletic and otherwise. I wish you the best! -A teenage girl
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