I am an Activity Director in a nursing facility, and we are having extreme difficulties with one of our residents. This resident is very social, needing constant interaction, but her behavior is entirely disruptive. She constantly asks questions, needs CONSTANT reassurance for everything she does, is hyperfocused on certain things...

It's gotten to the point where she is very nearly bullied by the other residents for being so disruptive and asking so many questions. It's not helping her nor the other residents.

Are there any methods in dealing with her that can help her peace of mind? She knows she's being bullied and laughed at by other residents, and it's taking its toll on her well being. The nursing staff and activities staff has tried multiple approaches with no success.

I'm sure she'd do better in an dedicated memory care unit, but there are none in the city where we reside.
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replied July 14th, 2012
have you talked with the rehab department about this issue? Perhaps they would be able to help offer a few solutions ...?
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