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Alzheimer’s Disease – Symptoms, Causes And Facts

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Hi friends! It is the right time to take awareness about this Alzheimer’s Disease because 3.7 million Indians suffer from Alzheimer's according to a 2016 report and the figure is likely to double by 2030. It is a neurological disorder in which death of some brain cells causes memory loss. So be aware of this. Recently I read one blog on social media about the symptoms, causes and few facts about Alzheimer’s Disease

I also read one more blog about one traditional Indian diet that prevent Alzheimer’s Disease
Follow these tips and avoid Alzheimer’s Disease and give long life to your brain. If you have any doubts on Alzheimer’s Disease consult a neurologist and follow their suggestions too.
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replied November 11th, 2018
know all about Alzheimer's disease
Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive neurodegenerative disorder which affects a large number of older individuals and is the most common cause of Dementia. In most of the cases associated with Alzheimer’s the symptom’s develops slowly and worsens over time. In the absence of gross clouding of consciousness or motor involvement, a persons memory and capacity to solve problems of day to day life is affected. In a layman’s term, we can simply say that an individual affected by Alzheimer’s loses his or her memory progressively with the growing age.
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