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hi , i went to do a general blood test couple months ago , and they said some stuff on my blood was high . They said its something on my liver that alcoholics have.
I never drink so it was rare for me to have this.
They thought it could be hepatitis or something virus related but it was not .
I did ultra sound and other tests the result came up to be im overweight and i have FAT LIVER.

so here is some issues i have :

1: im always tired , i sleep very well sometimes like i tried 10-11 hours , but im always tired , im always tired never wanna get up or do nothing , its basically killing me.
2:when ever i go to bathroom i always see blood on the spool after i use the bathroom.
the poo it self is not bloody , the water is bloody.
also its been happening alot lately so its not like i saw blood once , its almost like this for the past couple months. and im kinda scared to go to doctors so idk what to do.

so please help me thanks.
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replied August 19th, 2009
Anytime you have blood in your stool or urine you should let your doctor know. There may be something else going on. Also, sometimes hemorroids can bleed into the toilet without getting on the stool. If it's not hemorroids then you need to go back to the doctor. They will probably ask you for a stool sample. I do know that an enlarged liver can throw off your bloodwork..
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replied October 16th, 2009
Sleep Apnea?
Get checked for Sleep Apnea. I had same symptoms, incliding red blood in water and sky high triglycerides. Now I am fine just weeks later.
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