I am a 21 yr old boy! I think im always sad, thinking all the time! Enjoyment, happiness, confidence, joy have been vanished from my life. I was not always like that , but i have become like that. My Personality has doomed and i have lost myself. I dont know , what to do. I think some things of my past have done this to me , or there is an extreme guilt about all that , or i have done something bad and have hided' it from my loved ones , which maybe i feel is a lie and kind of trust and faith betrayel , or i feel i have broken someone's heart and now mine is broken!! I really dont know, I have become a dumb! I dont enjoy or go out too much and i smile fake and laugh from a broken heart! Lowered my personality and guts zero'd! Or i feel highly depressed all the time! I dont think i need a special treatment , cuz i feel its all useless and for time being, but i want to change myself! or maybe i have become all alone and extremely reserved, conservative, shy and self-indulgent ! I cant always be like this! can i change ? I am depresed and brooken hearted at the same time! What to say more, now! Rolling Eyes heartbreaker heartbreaker Sad scared Crying or Very sad baffle Mad cough brb sadhug Embarassed thumbsdwn shrug
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replied May 20th, 2009
who broke your heart? what did they do?
sometimes it's good to smile at someone when your feeling down, b/c you can brighten up someone's day.
if there's something that you like doing, then do it. dont isolate yourself b/c your feeling bad. sometimes it's good to be around people.
i know men is differnt than women. i seen a therapist, ive taken prozac, i m in a support group with women in my situation. and all of these helped me - minus the prozac!
as my therapist tells me, you have to talk to someone when you feel this way. i also write in a journal when im upset, i want to vent and no one is around. do you have a personal relationship with God?
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