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always messing things up

I am 55 mother of two. grandmother of 3. I am always hurting them. I do not mean too but they have told me I do. sometimes i am quick to give advice and get upset if they do not include me. I feel like I have been a bother. I have divorced from their dad for 7 yrs. I am depressed and just cannot to get on with my life. Right now my daughter is very upset with over something i said. I do not mean to hurt people but i am forever messing relationships.Sometimes I just want to go far far away. Is their a mom or grandmother out there that understands?
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replied February 16th, 2009
totally understand
I hear you and totally understand.
I feel also that everything I do is a mess up.
feel free to chat further with me
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replied February 17th, 2009
messin up
Hey it would be nice to chat with someone
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