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Always feeling up and down

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I am new here. I've trying to find some answers online as I really don't feel like talking to anyone close to me. . . I am afraid there is something wrong with me. I've always since a teenager felt that something was not quite right but now its getting worse and worse. I am going to be 28 soon. I always feel so up and down its impossible! Even during the same day I might be super excited the one minute and depressed the next having bad thoughts. . . or sometimes it lasts more.. I really feel I can't control it! I will organise to see a friend and be so happy to meet them and then minute I will find an excuse and cancel cause I suddenly feel depressed and lost. . .

I could go on and on about this. I guess my question is am I overacting? Is this how all people are? I really would like to talk about this to someone but I don't feel I can. I've got a dad who has got some psychiatric history (though none of the family know exactly what it is) so I often wonder if I'm the same. . . I don't think I can burden my husband with telling him I don't feel well. I really don't think he would cope.

Please any ideas are welcome. I really am lost. . .
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replied November 13th, 2010
i get that to i dont know if its common but i think im depressed and im 28 to and always thought i was different to other people like there was something wrong with me and cry and even cut myself and ended up taking drugs but stopped all that but the feeling never changed. im maybe not a good person to talk to about this actually sorry im new aswell
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replied June 22nd, 2011
Im new too, but you kinda sound like me. Im 34 now , but ever since I was a teenager I have been dealing with my emotional roller coaster.. Seems like I will be in a great mood and one little thing can put me in a totally diff mood and i will stay like that for awhile like I cant get myself out of it. I have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder..but mine is manic depressive. I dont get violent or anything like that...I just have mood swings I guess you could say ...Hope this helps..I suggest going to see ur dr. and explaining what u did on here. It could be anything really..maybe even just depression. Just try to stay away from all the drugs they try n give to ppl. A lot of them are new and within 3-4 years they will most likely be recalled/discontinued. Dont be a guinea pig
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