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always eating out which makes diet control harder.

Hi, I am 33 and everything apart from my health everything is wonderful in my life. I am extremely overweight which I believe is the cause of all my problems. But now I have reached a point where i feel helpless in resolving my health issues including weight since there are so many illnesses i suffer with that it all just seems pointless. Let me first list down the diagnosed problems. Hypertension, diabetes, stomach lining issue & duodenal ulcer + GERD, terrible gout with frequent attacks, kidney stones, high SGPT ALT, suspected Sleep Apnea ( not confirmed since where I live they don't have the sleep studies to check), permanent flu symptoms, vertigo, bronchial asthma, I think i have covered it all.
Considering all these issues no matter what diet I try to follow something will be adversely effected. For gout I decided no meat and pulses and oil. I started having boiled rice with potatoes etc. that didn"t work for my diabetes which in turn dehydrated me and I got gout again. I decided I would quit all sugars and carbs from my diet turned out I was having stuff that was making me gain weight and due to the terribly bad taste I was using to many spices. Thus my GERD acted up. I have no clue what to do. I have a very hectic life style I am a banker by profession but have to travel a lot. I am always eating out which makes diet control harder.
The way my life is and has been I am totally satisfied and happy to go, but I have a 4 year old for whom I really want to live. Every nutritionist or doctor to whom I go insists that the last guy really screwed me over. Please help.
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