My 12 year old daughter has two oval/round patches of hair loss our dr said she has alopecia areata this was diagnosed six weeks ago her hair feels much thinner allover,the first patch has small new hair growth the second patch is soft to touch, both areas are 3 and 4 cm round. Should I request to see the specialist at hospital for blood test,scalp check or do I leave it up to my Dr to suggest this??

my daughter is healthy, eats well and does not use any medication she started her cycle bout 5 months ago.
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replied April 9th, 2013
I have this. I got advised to use Tea tree shampoo to help stimulate the nerve endings by a pharmacist and this makes me feel a bit better in the way of i feel like im doing something.

You can ask to see a dermatologist who will probably recommend you go to have light theray which is like going into a sun tanning thing. They will cover her up - put gel on the areas that need help, and only allow the light to see that area - there are risks of skin cancer with this treatment apparently but it didn't bother me, loads of people use sun tanning places all the time right? - she will need to go back weekly and wear googles after the treatment for her eyes for a few hours - but i found it works.

It doesn't for everyone and apparently there are other things you can do such as get steroid injections in the scalp (but this is apparently painful)

I got told my by GP there was nothing that could be done and to ignore it

It was only when i saw another GP that noticed it and i was needing help with depression that i received help.
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