Alone, that's what I am, life for who is important is gone, empty shells not "comprehending" who I've become,.. "who I've become" I keep myself away, in fear of getting betrayed.. I trusted her, and when my psyche broke, she didn't stay, she lied, she promised.. but shes irrelevant now, I prayed for her to help the messed up being I am now, im not right, im sick in the head.. no one understands they just say, "you dont have anything to be upset", they dont know, they dont know the mental torture I took, highschool was just the beginning, jobs, college, everywhere is a battleground of mental abuse, torture, and confusion, everything dies, nothing is forever, but alone.
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replied December 5th, 2013
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Many of us seek time alone to emotionally recharge, to reflect or to explore our creativity or hobby. Being along is often a choice whereas loneliness is not something we choose. Loneliness may be felt as a result of a lack of love in our life and can be as devastating as the feeling of grief after losing a loved one.

You might follow this up with how to get and keep a friend.

1. Reach out to fellows whether you know them or not.
2. Give more than you get.
3. Communicate well. Remember two ears - one mouth.
4. Always be there but don’t get in the road.
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