hie. I am a 17 year old, a science med. student in 11th clss
I have no friends. :'(
I feel lonely, damn lonely.. I sit and sleep all day.. i don't feel like studying nowadays.. there's lot of study pressure!
when I was in class 10th.. my life was no less than a dream.. i had worlds best of bestestest friends.. I even had a boyfriend .. one in the million.. I loved my life so freakin' much! also that was a time wen i was pretty.. but no more :'( I've become ugly and will become uglier in my future :'( :'(
But now?! :'( NO friends , no bf.. nothing!
my bf double dated on me.. i cried alot .,. was depressed.. bt then as the time passed i moved on.. bt den , few days back.. he back to me.. flirted.. made me fall in love wid him, once again! I started dreaming of me and him, our old days.. bt den he suddenly stopped talking to me.. and now?! he's trying get another girl.. which is making my life more and more horrible day by day.. i miss him,, alot.. :'( :'( I miss my friendss :'( my old life.. I'm not even able to cope up with my studies.. i've become very dull in my acadamic as well as my social life..I don't feel like talking to anybody now.. i just want be all alone
please, pleaaaaseeeeee help me .. to get out of this .. I'l be really greatful to you
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First Helper hello1111122

replied October 31st, 2012
Well, a person is always alone no matter who they're with or not with. The only difference is that a person might not *feel alone when they're with a certain person because it seems like you are not alone when you are able to bounce your personality off another person and they seem to accept you. This is why people talk to themselves when no one is around... so they can still feel like they exist.

Try to get some like minded friends to talk to.

Or, maybe what you need to do is find a boyfriend that doesn't want anyone but you and that wants the same type of future that you. But not a guy that just tells you what you want to hear (lies) so he can get what he wants and is not telling you about that. Being able to tell truths from lies is difficult but can be done. It helps if you are not a liar and are honest with yourself.

...this is just me, a regular person, trying to help. I am not a trained counselor!
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replied October 31st, 2012
Hey, I am going through a breakup myself, almost two years, 3 months prior we were looking at engagement rings. Crazy, its tough no doubt about it. And the previous post is right, there are so many great people who want to meet another great person. But I also know that you and I know that it really doesn't make the situation much easier at all.

Maybe this will help you, maybe it won't but when I graduated high school I was 110lbs and I was constantly bullied and made fun of for my size. So I started working out like crazy and not when I go to the gym people ask me advice, what do you do, what do you take.
So I am doing a physique conest in April.

The one thing I know 100% is that the better you look, the better you feel. All of a sudden people are saying, whoa, what happened to her. This isn't to get back at anyone either. Working out has served as such a huge escape for me from other noise in my life.

I suggest working out, if you need help with it, respond. I promise you that there is not a better feeling than liking what you see in the mirror.
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