Hello everyone. . I'm just so stressed right now. I'm 5 months pregnant & unmarried. The guy i used to date promised to marry me when i got pregnant & told me that it'd be over between us if i aborted the baby. So because i loved him so much i decided to keep the baby hoping that i'd be married soon with the love of my life. Then months went by and he kept making excuses that he's finding a job and as soon as he gets one we'll get married. . and i continued waiting.. now I'm 5 months pregnant and he told me that he's not ready to be a husband or a father. I'm just too hurt that i couldn't even reply anything when he told me that. I'm so confused now. What am i going to tell my family..they are very strict. I don't know what to do :"(
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replied January 6th, 2016
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I dont know how young you are, but sorry to hear this. How we wish we could go back, and regrets of this sort never end. I do not even know your faith, but others would probably say find a counselor or other older to give advise, for it is not healthy to be depressed at this time. It is ur bf's reponsibility, but if he's running away from it, there are others who could help you sort it out and plan right now. Find those people near you, for this is only a simple attempt to lead you to them.
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