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Almost constant chest pain, and ocasional popping noise!

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Ok, so I'll start from the beginning shall I?

About 3ish years ago one day I remember I started to feel mild chest aching, Of course I feared the worst but I let it go, the next day I was feeling tingling down my arm and slight dizziness so I was like right, off to the hospital I go.

I get there, they do an ECG, Blood Pressure, Blood Test, Chest X-Ray and general just feeling and listening around the chest. They said it was not a heart attack(he said the tingling was probably my anxiety mimicking heart attack symptoms) and it was not a chest infection. He asked me if it hurts more when I push on my chest and I said yes and he said it could be some fluid around the heart, only a small enough amount that some Ibuprofen would get rid of it or it would have shown up in the X-Ray or it could be musculoskeletal but he didn't seem too concerned.

He prescribed me some Ibuprofen and sent me on my way, I took the Ibuprofen and for that week or so I was fine, but a week or so after that it came back and it hasn't gone away, now this isn't pain like ARGH, it's very stand able and and mild pain, but it is constantly there and I can constantly feel this mild dull ache and sometimes it gets down right annoying.

It seems to tense up and hurt more when I am exercising after a while too.

Onto the popping thing, this is a fairly recent thing I've noticed, sometimes I say put my arms out forward stretching and sort of pulling my chest in and then if I bend over forward my chest makes a big popping sound, it doesn't hurt I just hear it and can feel the pop feeling around my chest like as in a vibration, it doesn't happen all the time though, just occasionally, randomly.

So yeah, that's my story, anyone have the same or similar?

Sound like musculoskeletal to anyone?
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replied June 15th, 2011
Forgot to mention it is located around the middle of my chest right where my heart is and sometimes also down a bit where there is that apex in the Ribcage, like the lower sternum area.
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replied April 16th, 2012
I have literally had the EXACT same experience besides that it was a year ago for me. I'm being to think it may have to do with some type of Arthritis or Costochondritis. Doctors and chiropractors were of no help and a huge waste of money for me. Wish I knew what it was.
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