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Allopurinol and high blood sugar

I recently had my allopurinol dosage increased from 50 to 100 Mg. Since then, my blood glucose readings have sky rocketed. Has anyone experienced this?
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replied February 23rd, 2019
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I presume that you have been prescribed allopurinol to treat gout. I am not aware of any medical study that shows an increase in blood sugar with an increase in allopurinol dosage. There may be something else at work here that is the cause for your gout as well as your diabetes, or prediabeles. In particular, both gout and diabetes are known consequences of sleep apnea. Usually, once the sleep apnea is overcome, gout attacks cease immediately and completely. But in most cases the diabetes remains; the oxygen reduction from sleep apnea has reduced the mass of pancreatic insulin-producing cells beyond recovery. Even so, it's advisable for you to insist on getting tested for sleep apnea and to follow the recommended treatment to overcome it. Not only will it cure your gout, but it also will greatly reduce your risk for later development of other life-threatening consequences of sleep apnea.
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