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allergy to Opiates, what can I use?

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Would like to know if anyone else is allergic to opiates and their derivatives and what they take as a substitute for cronic back pain. Dr has prescribed a few, but nothing has an effect to date and due to have surgery in 3mths and have nothing for the pain...can someone help with suggestions or if in same position, what do you take?

Thank you

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replied June 22nd, 2013
Baclofen (a muscle relaxant), cymbalta (blocks pain), organic food or as clean as I can get ( no restaurants and absolutely no fast food), exercise (everyday I walk 2 miles with my daughter) , good sleep habits, lots of laughter, staying busy even if it is just reading ( so I'm nit thinking about the pain), drink only water (squeeze some lemon or lime into it), tylenol, and get a massage every now and then ( oh, and I hug my family every chance I get! NO SUGAR AND REDUCE THE CARBS!!!
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