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To help, I will give a brief background on myself. When I was 23, I went in to the doctor to find out what the small moving capsule was inside my left knee. I found I could move it around freely with my hand, and it would get caught under my kneecap causing pain while walking. After an x-ray, concern shifted from my original complaint to the doctor noticing my knee and hip joints were in terrible shape. She asked me many questions, and found that I had arthritis, and referred me to a specialist. That specialist ran many blood tests on me and it come back that I have rheumatoid arthritis and have had it likely since I was a child. I was also diagnosed with something called Fibromyalgia, however I'm skeptical about that since tenderness is really the only problem I have. I struggle with IBS, weight gain (I've slowly gained weight to 278lbs now, and I am 6'0"), and arthritic psoriasis on my feet, which has recently spread in a small patch to my hand.

I practice good hygiene and teach my children the same (keep fingers out of mouth, don't touch everything while out and about, wash hands frequently.. etc) and so far we've managed to stay sickness free for about two years. Now, I come into contact with an infant that was coughing, feverish, and very congested about a week ago. I did not actually touch her, but her mother was holding her, the infant was coughing into the air, and the mother was touching things, as were her other children who have all lived in close quarters with the sick infant. Here it is, a week later, and I started with a runny/stuffy nose, watery eyes, and lots of sneezing. I took benedryl thinking it was just my allergies acting up. It did absolutely nothing for me. So I tried Claritin D. Nothing again. I tried Zyrtec, Zicam, Pseudoephedrine, NyQuil, DayQuil, and Phenylephrine OTC medicines, all to no success.

I do not take RA medications outside of a daily small dose of asprin (80mg), and 3-4 ibuprofen from time to time for joint pain. I dislike being a guinea pig for the medical community, and find that half of the time, a medication put out for one of the diseases I have has been recalled or found to be deadly. So I'm extremely picky about medicines. I don't take any steroids, even though I know it's supposed to help me, I figure I don't need help with weakening my immune system further.

Now I am no longer sneezing, and my eyes have stopped watering (after three days of that), but my nose is congested, and running at the same time. The mucus is a light green/yellow color, and I'm congested in my chest and having a difficult time coughing up (it's painful to cough) any mucus. This may be a bit "too much information" but I woke up three to four times in the night having to blow my nose because it was leaking out so much. I find that a lot icky, but such is life. At first I thought it was allergies due to Mountain Cedar in my area being high since it's now winter time and this is about the time it starts causing issues. But it feels like this is now on the edge of an infection, and it makes me wonder if it's actually a virus I caught?

I ask because I would hate to waste the money to find it's a virus and I just have to bide my time with it. If it's allergies, at least I can get a 'script strength medication to help control my reaction and I figure I'll be put on steroids as well. At this time, I have no fever. Just icky greenish color mucus, a tightness in my chest, sinus pressure, and runny nose with a ouchy/deep cough that's not producing very much mucus. I've taken 1200mg of guaifenesin, but it doesn't seem to be helping me to expectorate anything.

Any suggestions on if this is allergy or virus and what is suggested that I do?

Thanks in Advance!
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replied December 31st, 2009
Never mind - I've since gotten an answer elsewhere. I am having an allergic reaction, and was given some tips to follow. I'm now recovering and doing much better.
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