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Allergy medication side effects

I have recently been having a problem with allergies and ear fullness. Have tried just about every allergy medication available with prescription and over the counter, however the really troubling part of this a real sensitivity to fluorescent lights. I get head rushes and then my body runs chills up and down and then heat waves. Have to go immediately to the car and relax for a few minutes before I can even drive away.Really really wierd and I have yet to find anyone else that has these same actual body rushes. Doctor doesn't seem to concerend but this is really affecting my life. These lights are everywhere. Stores, waiting rooms of most doctors, hospitals, etc. Would love to have your thoughts. Thanks so much.
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replied March 10th, 2008
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Ear fullness with pressure, along, with other symptoms is an inner ear symptom caused by allergy.
Have you, also, noticed some hearing loss?
What kinds of allergy you suffer?
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