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I would like your opinions. When my son turned 3 years of age, I started to give him peanut butter and he got sick everytime. His pediatrician recommed an allergist. The Allergist did a skin prick and confirmed his allergy to peanuts. She also said that he might have other allergies since his eyes were puffy underneath, which they always look like that and so are my husbands. My son also had a cold at the time. She told him to take zyrtec for 10 days and if the symptoms didn't improve to come back for a scratch test. He took zyrtec for 10 days then went back for another scratch test. I was unsure of his symptoms, although I thought he greatly improved. I wanted to be safe than sorry. My son is 4 yrs old.

On the 2nd visit to the allergist she said he is allergic to wheat, corn, pollen, dust, cats, ragweed and alot of other things. She was going to make a full list and have it ready for our next visit. She said to avoid corn & wheat and bring in his twin sister for testing also. My son has eaten wheat and corn products everyday for the past 4.5 years with no problems at all. This test has got to be inaccuratre.

As a result of a wheat free diet he has become depressed and wants his bread & bagels. At the time I didn't realize that all food in the bread group has wheat. As a result of his depression and not wanting to eat anymore I am considering not going to the allergy dr. again and just let him be. He was happy and healthy before. I don't want to put him through something that doesn't need to be. She prescribed an anthesic topical cream for his arm for the testing. Probably going to inject the allergens into the skin to get a more accurate result. A different type of test.

If this was your son, nephew, grandson, or loved one would you let him be or go back to the allergy Dr? Am I wrong for thinking of not taking him? I wasn't even going to bring him back the 2nd time. Thank you for your opinions. Good or Bad.
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replied March 5th, 2010
Long term, the allergies will show up in various ways which may not be indicative by just a rash. Look on line for recipes without wheat and gluten, chances his sister may well have something similar. I would get both tested as it will save you a lot of money long term with visits to the doctors for all sorts of problems which will not be indicative of allergies but at the base they actually are.
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