My fianc has had on and off hives since about May 2019. We think it is due to antihistamines as his hives get worse when he takes them. Today he went to play basketball outside and when he came back, all the places that he sweat, he had spots on his skin. His aunt is a GP and said to take Reactine as from experience Benedryl makes it worse. It’s been 5 hours since he took it and he has large welts all over his body, is shivering yet feels like his body is burning internally outwards.

In May, we visited the ER as it was so bad that we needed help. Can’t remember what was prescribed, but it didn’t help. Nothing helps. He went to an allergist a few months later and he was told he is mildly allergic to cats (we have one), and more severely allergic to oak and grass. Just nothing related to his current and constant allergy’s and hives.

I’m wondering if you and your team could possibly give way to more information that we haven’t heard of that may be the culprit causing these issues. Thank you.
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replied September 11th, 2019
I am allergic to multiple antihistamines. I also had chronic swelling everynight and turning red once i fell asleep.there is a condition called chronic idiopathic urticaria. Basically chronic itchyness and hives. Basically caused by stress. It does go away. Except i am still turning bright red as soon as I call asleep.
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