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allergic reaction? auto immune problem? legs were on fire!

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Last week my hands and feet swelled up turned red and were real painfull to were i couldnt grip anything and could barely walk. I also had some weird bumps were it was kind of hard white and painful to the touch on my arms. I went to the ER and they thought it was an allergic reaction they gave me benedryl and other drugs to counter an allergic reaction and nothing worked. So they admitted me thinking it was a auto immune problem. I stayed their three days after a day and a half the swelling went down and after i was discharged it was still painful but that also subsided. Two days later right before bed i had a weird feeling around my throat like my shirt was really tight. The next morning the front of my neck was painful and my throat felt like it was closing up. through out the day my legs started to hurt like my legs were on fire. everytime i stood up my legs would feel like they were on fire. When i would sit down it would go away after five minutes but it was like that all day. I called my doc and he said to return to the ER i went back and was admitted again and was told that the muscle around my voicebox was spasming and they couldnt figure out why and they could not figure out why my legs were doing that. Since i have been home i have been itching all over. The itching is waking me up three to four times a night and its constant all day. My head arms back everything is itching. Also since this has started most of my joints are sore. My fingers, wrists, knees, and also old injuries that i have in my back and shoulder are flaring up worse than normal. Also i have noticed weight loss and i am always tired but i am chalking up the tired stuff to being up all night itching. I have droped at least 10lbs in the past week and havent changed my diet at all. If someone might have some insight to this it would be great thanks.
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replied May 14th, 2012
I think you should consult with a medicine specialist as early as possible.
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